Here we go again.

What started out as a simple individual web browse for tips on creating a YouTube channel, turned into a full blown business research and development project. Well, it became more of a group project alongside my familiar and unhelpful group-mates: self doubt, limiting beliefs, and excuses. I hate those guys but they always seem to pair up with me on these little life projects. I do all of the legwork and all they really do is stand in the way and make things much harder for me.

All of the articles, blogs, and videos I had reviewed on my quest to gain knowledge on creating a Youtube channel, fervently explained the same thing: “Don’t even think about uploading videos to YouTube until you’ve…purchased X or thoroughly outlined and examined Y, Z, A, B, R-squared, Minus Pi!

and of course…

“What’s the end goal for your business channel? What’s your creative advantage? What sets you apart from the rest? Who is your target audience? What is your message? Remember videos taken on higher quality cameras with better lighting, reach the largest audience. Consistency is key. Keep it under 10 minutes. Post content weekly…..”

Etc. etc. etc…

At this point in time, all of the group members were vying for acknowledgment.

Self doubt whispered that I was neither edgy nor cookie cutter enough for the Vlogging sphere and that, if I wanted to be successful, I needed to choose to conform in either direction, despite feelings of inauthenticity.

Limiting beliefs told me that I was not consistent enough with my creative ideas and content. It was all too sporadic and unrelated and that I needed to keep everything within a small niche (this is everyone’s favorite word in business by the way) category if I wanted to reach a large audience.

Excuses told me that I wasn’t ready to upload the iPhone-recorded videos, and that I needed to purchase an expensive camera, lighting kit and backdrop or YouTube will not display my content.

The most unnerving part about all of this? I wasn’t even cognitively aware of these unhelpful group members or their contributions at the time. I had simply taken their comments into account and anxiously tried to figure out how I could execute all of the “suggestions” for success.

Auspiciously, my sister called in the midst of this intervention and after I briefly explained the research I had done, she calmly said-

Marchesa, the answer is simple: do what you enjoy doing.

After I retorted quickly agreeing with her statements but regurgitating the suggested guidelines for “success,” she continued-

Disregard the self doubt, limiting beliefs, and excuses. As long as you feel good about yourself and what you’re doing, you’re already successful.

You betta’ Sha Sha! *This is one of my coined phrases that I use when my sister serves up some knowledge or is just being fierce in general.

The point is, she’s right. Duh.

Do what you like to do.

Do what you love to do.

Do what feels good.

Do what you enjoy doing.

The concept of doing what we enjoy doing within any given scenario isn’t crazy or innovative by any means. Once humanistic instinctual survival needs are met, then, as far as I’m concerned, our only duty is to enjoy ourselves. We all know this, we all say it to others, but very few of us practice it.

And that’s the problem. It’s well known but not well-rehearsed.  

It’s very easy to get sucked into the confines of societal structure and the suggested guidelines for success. “Well, blah blah became successful because she did x,y and z.” But that was her unique journey. Perhaps elements are the same but most likely your journey is much different. Find comfort in that.

If It Feels Good, Stick With It

To anyone who may be experiencing a similar scenario- I want to remind you to stay on the path that feels good for you. You are in control of who your teammates are for these group projects in life so you might as well choose some good ones like confidence, self motivation, ambition, and love.

So, yes I am going to write about an array of topics on my blog page, all relatively different in nature. And yes, I’m going to upload a variety of videos on my YouTube and not get bogged down with optimizing my channel in all 10,000 ways for the best view-ability. Why? Because I enjoy doing those things. I don’t want to only write about one hyper-specific topic. And I don’t want to make videos like everyone else. So I’m not fucking going to. And you shouldn’t either.

Success is relative but my definition of success is a person who leads a well-balanced life (Aristotle’s golden mean), has meaningful relationships and experiences, contributes to something greater than themselves (life purpose), treats others well, and spends most of their time enjoying whatever they are doing. In my eyes, there could be no greater personal success.

Although definitions of success may vary from person to person, one thing that is true for everyone: we all want to feel good. So strip away any of the ancillary and unhelpful bullshit and, simply, DO WHAT YOU ENJOY DOING. As long as whatever you enjoy isn’t a detriment to yourself, the environment, or others, you are on the right path.

Whether you enjoy making small crochet mittens for cats, baking penis shaped pastries, or even simply writing, my advice is the same:

Go do it! 


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