Good Feelings Ahead

Plot-a-course book

Plot a Course

You have two choices in life: 

To lead your life

…or to let life’s circumstances lead you. 

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Plot-A-Course is the self-help book for people who crave more out of their lives but don’t know how to create the life of their dreams… yet!

This thoughtful and motivating step-by-step playbook delivers a satiating recipe for the comfortable life everyone wants: chock-full of meaningful relationships, awesome experiences, and the best kinds of feelings! With equal parts science-backed studies, therapy exercises, stories, and mind-hacking techniques, Plot-A-Course is meant to be enjoyed bite by delicious bite, savoring each lesson as it is: simply one part of the complex, umami-inspired, Michelin-rated, self-help meal you are consuming.

Served in two actionable and motivating courses, this book teaches you to:

  • Identify your “WHY,” accepting the unequivocal truth that we all share the same ultimate goal

  • Create the life you love, love the life you lead, and enjoy the journey

  • Pinpoint and eradicate the limiting-beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that stand in your way

By the end of Plot-A-Course, you’ll be feeling good, taking action, and leading the life you’ve always wanted. The only question remaining is:

Are you ready?