It’s officially the last day of the year and depending on what group of humans you belong to, you’re likely thinking one (if not all) of three things:

1. Holy buddha the year is officially over and what an effing doozie it was

2. I wonder if I’m going to go out to the bars tonight, get obliterated, kiss a stranger and drink too much for the 18th year in a row and/or

3. I should probably take a moment or two to honor the significance of the fact that I managed to power glide through another year, relatively unscathed, and somehow even stronger than the year before.

Now, I agree with you on thought #1 – It was an absolutely strange, insane, and wonderful year.

In terms of thought #2, I can’t offer you much advice other than saying do not, I repeat, do NOT bring your card out with you because you will drain your bank account within 30 minutes of being at the bar. And if you’re an Aries, you’ll do it in 5 minutes. Just bring cash and maybe sneak a flask into whatever tavern you find yourself in.

But in terms of #3, and taking a moment to honor the significance of this past year? I got you bruh.

Here are the 5 ways in which you can honor the past year and the growth you’ve had.

I believe it’s important to set some time aside today where you are completely by yourself, and relaxingly do the following 5 things. I think it’s important to be alone because you have the ability to really explore your feelings and thoughts without interruption or external influence. So let’s get into it.



(and Write Down Your Top 15)

While we are in pursuit of our goals, they tend to be at the forefront of our minds.

We are in striving mode, striving to attain the things we want and we spend the majority of our time there, mentally and emotionally. And then, contrastingly, once we’ve accomplished those goals, we spend a relatively short amount of time not only acknowledging but celebrating those accomplishments.

We do a little woo hoo and maybe if it’s big enough maybe we have a party, but that’s usually it and then we move onto the next thing, letting that accomplishment fall back behind us as a tiny little fragmented memory.

We don’t give our accomplishments enough credence. We don’t uplift them and really feel the significance of what we’ve accomplished long enough. And we don’t review them often enough.

So here’s my suggestion: Take a moment to review your accomplishments over the past year and write down the top 15 that mean the most to you.

Don’t just quickly rush through and write whatever comes to mind first. Really relive these experiences. Be detailed and include what it took to get to that point, what obstacles you may have overcome to reach victory, and describe how it felt to have done those things.


You didn’t get to where you are at solely because of yourself.. You had help along the way. And probably a lot. Despite every rapper of all time not wanting this to be true, it simply is.

People help us all of the time, often in covert yet significant ways.

Perhaps it was words of encouragement before your big test, big trip, or decision to leave your job and follow your passions. Perhaps it was someone who simply offers consistent love, support, and guidance. Perhaps it was the guy at the gas station who always offers up a warm smile. Perhaps it was someone from 6 years ago or maybe it was someone who posted something on social media just yesterday that helped you in some capacity. Maybe it was a teacher, parent, friend, acquaintance, or complete stranger.

If you have the ability, contact them and let them know how they have impacted your life and how thankful you are for them and the connection.

You can write appreciation letters and send them snail mail, write a DM on IG, text, send a video or audio clip, whatever’s clever. Just simply communicate it.


For some reason, our subconscious minds love to hang onto less than great memories, experiences and occasionally relationships and people.

We somehow still remember that time we loudly farted in class rendering a roar of laughter from everyone including our targeted love interest or even the time we allowed someone else the authority to control us in an unhealthy way. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can decide to focus on the positive, life-enhancing experiences and memories and form healthy relationships if we want to. And you do. So do I.

We can choose to let go of the toxic memories, relationships, and experiences, leave those perceptions in the past, and transform them into something positive. We can say, yes we farted loudly in class, and unless everyone in our class was a non-human weirdo, they fart loudly too… and have probably done it at the most inopportune times at least once.

So 1. Who cares and 2. I’m glad I paved the way. (I mean maybe you don’t get that far but you get the idea). We can also say, yes, I was involved in an experience where I felt powerless at the time, however, it has enabled me to be the strong and assertive person I am today. It allowed me to understand and firmly define my personal boundaries. For that, I am grateful.

Take a moment, a brief moment, to review some experiences, relationships, and narratives you may have created around them and see how you can transform those into something positive.

Take a moment to review any toxic relationships or self talk that you may have and explore what it might feel like to respectfully break free from those, leaving them in the past.

Lastly, take the time to address any unresolved matters, offer up an appropriate resolution, and, if possible, bundle them up and take care of them before the year is over.


Whatever mistakes or self-proclaimed “failures” you may have felt you had this past year, forgive yourself.

Offer up kind acceptance as you identify them and move forward knowing that you are not your circumstances, you are not your mistakes, and you are not your labels.

You are a regular human who cares about things and is just trying to navigate life like the rest of us and sometimes you’ll get it right and sometimes you’ll learn a lesson. Remember there is no such thing as failure, there are only lessons to be learned.

Take a moment to focus on some things you’d like to improve upon in the future including interpersonal relationships, your relationship with yourself, life experiences, and any specific thoughts you have for your personal life.


This is one of my favorite exercises because you get to relive your best experiences.

It doesn’t cost you anything, you don’t have to exert any type of special effort, and you don’t have to wonder about the outcome. You’ve already had these experiences, so you get to draw from the amazing feelings you already have.

Did you take a trip with friends and build stronger relationships? Did you go on an incredible solo hike where you stood atop a mountain and could see for miles and miles? Did you have an experience where you laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe? Did you embrace or feel embraced by someone you love? Did you play volleyball for 6 hours on the beach and had so much fun that you forgot to put sunscreen on and looked like a lobster for the next week?

You’ve had a lot of great times over this past year and it’s your duty and responsibility to yourself to remember those in great detail. Remind yourself who you were with, what you were doing, what the weather was, and write all of it down.


The year is over and complete and now just a distant memory in the past. We can’t change the past, but we sure can change ourselves in the now and the consequent future.

It’s up to us to review all that we have done and put it in it’s appropriate place. It’s up to you to be kind to yourself going into this next year. Offer up love, acceptance, guidance and support like you would a best friend.

The new year is an exciting time that we, as a society, have decided to create a rebirth effect. Remember: There is no better time than now. You not only survived but flourished another year of human consciousness – and that’s a beautiful thing to be celebrated.

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