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The articles I write about fall into 4 basic categories: Personal Development, Plant-based, Travel, and my Personal Memoirs.

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“Yesterday I spent 4 hours scrolling through my social media feed, 3 hours fantasizing about quitting my sh*t job, 30 minutes attempting to edit my weird chin hair out of a recent photo- all while having intermittent bursts of identity and existence crises. Should I do the same thing tomorrow? Maybe I’ll upload a few more pictures to my IG to demonstrate how fictitiously happy my hairless chin and I are with our stellar career choice? OR should I make a change and think about what in the actual f*ck am I doing with my life?”

By the hair on your chinny chin chin… Figure that sh*t out!

(Personal Development)

“I want to partake in a trend that is actually healthy and helps the environment-only partially because I care about those things… mainly because I want to use it in social settings so I can subtly (but not subtly because everyone knows what I am doing) let people know how much better I think I am than them by blurting out statistics and referencing the “What the Health” documentary as though it’s the bible! Should I try out Veganism?”

Do it! Vegan is the new black!


“I ran into Chris from the high school football team again at the local grocery store…he still calls me “gap-tooth girl” despite the thousands of dollars I spent to rid myself of that gap. Should I allow his comments to resurface all of my former insecurities and then go eat my body weight in Chipotle? Or should I take a much needed vacation as far away from here as possible?”

Fly, Gap-tooth Girl, Fly!


“I don’t really know you other than having occasionally scrolled through your Instagram from time to time. I can’t quite figure you out. Should I make hasty generalizations about your character based on your biting sarcasm? Oh and while I’m at it, make even hastier assumptions, based solely on your appearance, about the level of your intelligence and mutual desires for elevated connection and communication? Or should I see what you have to offer?”

Meh, I got nothin better to do!

(Personal Memoirs)

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