Hi. I’m Marchesa!

First things first… You have no idea how to pronounce my name.

Totally understandable. You’re going to want to click here.

  1. I don’t know why this video is in existence.
  2. Last year when I discovered this video while sitting at my desk in the company office, several coworkers walked by… yet never mentioned anything to me about the fact I was watching a repetitive pronunciation video.. involving my own name…

Stick with me long enough and you’ll become unfazed by my peculiarity too.

Okay great. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into it…

I’m on a mission…

A mission to change the culture.

A mission to change societal norms.

A mission to better things. 

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Visionary.  Writer.  Happiness Connoisseur.

On a quest to cultivate meaning. 

Okay. We get what you do and who supports you, but… WHAT IS A “MARCHESA?!”

Great question. I’ve been pondering that for the past 28 years.

Instead of launching into a hearty chronological summary of my existence up until this point in an attempt to create a persuasive backstory as to why you should take my advice or subscribe to anything I say, I’ll save us both the time and energy and just state it blatantly.


I care about this human experience we are having. I genuinely want everyone to enjoy life as often as humanly possible.

We’ve been given this strange, unfathomable, and incredibly wonderful gift of “existence”… and largely because I’m deeply aware of our mortality, I want to make sure we all get to spend our various (limited) resources doing awesome stuff.


I am not an astro physicist, psychologist, or a spiritual transcendent.

I am just a regular bundle of stardust with a maniacal need to understand things. Particularly other bundles of stardust (humans).

Okay, okay. I know what you want: nutshells and labels. Although these rarely do justice, I’ll throw some at you anyway.

Here’s a series of facts.

I Hold An Active Oregon Broker License & California Real Estate Agent License.

I know things about the slabs of drywall we spend most of our lives inside of and, if requested, I can influence other humans to purchase or sell these drywall slabs

I Was Voted Most Memorable In Middle School & Class Clown In High School.

Arguably the meanest group of humans alive (teens and preteens) collectively agreed that I was entertaining enough to laugh at and remember in the future

I Was A Model. 

People paid me to give my version of the glorified stink eye in 4 different ways in various settings while wearing over-priced fabric

I Was Traditionally Trained In Ballet Until I Was 16.

Three times a week, a stern white-haired women scared the hairs on my head into a bun so tight I looked like I had the world’s most sought after face lift

I Have Been A Vegan For The Past 13 Years & Became Vegetarian In 2nd Grade. 

I spent 80% of my life educating others on the many sources of protein, my late teens and early twenties telling people what a vegan was and eating very weird-smelling blobs of misshapen wannabe cheese while scanning every ingredient on food labels before purchase, and the past 5 years witnessing a vegan product revolution while eating impressive, favorable smelling vegan cheeses

I Worked In International Production Operations For A Top Producing Energy Drink Company.

I made sure caffeinated sugar water was successfully getting to other humans in the world

A Picture Of Me Hangs In The Auditorium Of My Middle School For Being An Outstanding Athlete. 

I can manipulate a round inflated thing in a way that children and middle school staff find impressive

I Took French Classes For 6 Years.

The only phrases I can confidently and quickly verbalize off hand are to declare that 1. I don’t know 2. I’d like a ham sandwich with mustard and 3. To mischievously imply that the person I’m talking to is far too curious 

I Was A Project Manager & Worked In Property Renovation For Over A Decade.

Challenging stereotypes and gender roles since 90’

I Never Intentionally Injure Or Kill Any Vertebrates Or Invertebrates & Do My Best To Help Them When Needed.

I once spent 2 hours using a small safety pin to gently remove flies that were caught on sticky fly tape. I was also late to a number of college classes when it was raining due to “snail sidewalk removal”

I Write Raps, Songs, Poetry, And Comedy Sketches.

To be or not to be? B I might be

Our Goals

Ultimately we all want the same thing: Good Feelings. Whether you refer to that as inner peace, harmony, contentment -whatever, it all boils down to the same thing: good feelings. This is unequivocally everyone’s ultimate goal.

There are areas in this pursuit that we all share to varying degrees: Health, Contribution, Relationships, Experience, Purpose, Knowledge, Self-Actualization etc. Because we are unique beings, each of these areas will be weighted differently based on our unique personal equations for good feelings. (PS these equations inevitably change as we grow and evolve). However, identifying and knowing how much weight you place in the respective areas now, can help you structure your life in a way that sets you up for success.

So. If you’re ready, let’s make sense of this equation together!

A Final Note

I don’t want to cross a line or make people feel bad. Yet, sometimes, in my good-hearted attempts, I do just that. I am simply trying to bring awareness to aspects of society that need more transparency. A large majority of the content I create is based on personal scenarios, challenges, and struggles. Therefore, though it may seem like I’m pointing the finger at others, I’m really pointing it at myself as well.

We are all human. We all have flaws. We all need to get along.

My content may seem incongruent but that is by design. We are funny and serious. We are satisfied yet have the desire for more. To some degree the incongruities of being human make life interesting. They exist so we might as well understand, know, use, embrace and feel empowered by them.